How does the CasinoSecret Affiliate Program work?

Our affiliate program is built upon the core elements that make CasinoSecret a great online casino experience for all players. We believe in the unique and innovative features we have developed: Instant Cashback, Tournaments and many more. delivers within a secure and stable business environment. Put us to the test and start earning your commission now!

The CasinoSecret affiliate program is designed with fair business in mind: you will experience no negative carryover. Bad luck this month? don’t worry, it will not affect next month’s commission.

Security is a top priority for us. Our program is in line with strict data-protection standards, payment protocols, and top-notch customer service.

We value your business, and our fantastic commission scheme is aimed at making you part our business strategy and success story.

Our programs commission model

You can earn up to 45% commission on generated revenue based on the number of new depositing players per month.

Your share of the generated revenue is based on New Depositing players per month.

Between 0-5 depositing players per month
Between 6-10 depositing players per month
Between 11-20 depositing players per month
Between 21-40 depositing players per month
41+ depositing players per month

Net revenue = what your players lose – bonus awarded – administration fees.

Please see our full terms and conditions here.

For other commercial schemes please contact us directly

Why choose us?

  • Great commercial scheme, start referring users now and get up to 45%
  • No negative carryover from one month to the next
  • Fast and secure payments
  • Curaçao licence
  • Experienced and dedicated Team
  • NetRefer Platform
  • Unique and innovative product features
  • Instant, automated cashback for all existing customers
  • Cashback High Roller Loyalty Program 
  • Dedicated Tournaments for your players