AS Monaco x Casino Secret collaboration video “Japanese Classroom” released today!

As the official partner of AS Monaco, CasinoSecret is excited to announce that the latest collaboration video, “Japanese Food Experience! Who’s Paying?” featuring popular players Takumi Minamino, Kevin Volland, Eliot Matazo, Alexander Nübel, and Yann Lienard, has been released today on YouTube and Twitter.

In the previous video, “Happy Dice Talk,” we saw a relaxed atmosphere with players full of laughter, in contrast to the intense moments during the matches. This time, with the addition of two popular players, the five of them will enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine and discuss their culinary experiences.

The topics range from their favourite Japanese dishes to the valuable dietary management that supports the players’ physical fitness. You can feel closer to these world-class players as they share their surprisingly down-to-earth cooking situations. Don’t miss Takumi’s fluent English and the scene where they converse in German! In the second half of the video, a familiar game for the Japanese audience takes place, but could an unexpected incident occur? Check out the talk show here:

Twitter Campaign Details

How to participate:

Follow CasinoSecret’s official Twitter account (@CasinoSecretJP).

Retweet the specified tweet with the hashtags #南野拓実 and #ASモナコ.

Duration: From June 16th, 2023 (Friday) 18:00 (JST) to June 22nd, 2023 (Thursday) 23:59 (JST).

Prizes: Three lucky winners will be chosen through a draw. Prizes include “Official jerseys signed by AS Monaco players, including Takumi Minamino,” 10 winners will receive a $100 bonus, 10 winners will receive a $50 bonus, and 10 winners will receive a $30 bonus.

Follow CasinoSecret’s official Twitter account here:


July 7, 2023