CasinoSecret Salary Grand Draw

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Today, CasinoSecret’s biggest and most sensational promotion makes a triumphant comeback! We are proud to announce the “Secret Salary Grand Draw Part 3”. This year, four players will have the chance to win a lifetime salary. This dream event, which is so easy to opt-in, will appeal not only to existing players but also to new ones, so please promote it actively!

The Secret Salary Grand Draw 2022 will consist of two parts: the ‘Draw’ and the ‘Salary Grand Draw’, which will be held twice during the period (first: Monday 14th to Thursday 24th November; second: Monday 28th to Thursday 8th November).

In the Draw, 10 winners will win $1,000 cash each time, and one winner will be chosen to take part in the Salary Grand Draw.

In a new twist, another player will be selected from the audience to take part in the Wheel Draw during the ‘Salary Grand Draw’ live broadcast. The prize pool has been significantly increased and once again all viewers watching the live streaming will have the chance to win a massive amount of free spins.

A total of four people will therefore have the chance to win a lifetime salary.

The Salary Draw money wheel has a number of different prize amounts: lifetime, 2 years, 1 year, 9 months, 6 months, 3 months, Free Spins and Spin again, and the results of each spin on the money wheel will determine the amount of free spins you can win. The amount of pay you win depends on the result you get when you spin the money wheel.

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December 13, 2022