Happy Dice Talk

Last summer, AS Monaco made headlines when it announced its official partnership with CasinoSecret. Many events and collaborations have been held, and AS Monaco’s attention in Japan is only increasing.

Meanwhile, this time, a video of the talk show “Happy Dice Talk” hosted by CasinoSecret has been released on Youtube and Twitter. The Happy Dice talk show is very familiar to Japanese people as it is inspired by a very popular TV show in Japan. Three popular AS Monaco players, Takumi Minamino, Kevin Volland, and Eliot Matazo, use the dice and reply to several questions on different topics. The young players replied about their favorite anime and their daily life in Monaco. With laughter-filled, relaxed expressions, everyone could enjoy a completely enjoyable moment, aside from the tense atmosphere of a football game. Japanese viewers will definitely feel closer to the three players than ever before.

Click here for the talk show!

March 23, 2023