Latest Games: Moon Princess Trinity *Pre-Release* and Moon Princess 100

We would like to introduce the hugely popular slot “Moon Princess Trinity”, which has been released today, 16th February, on CasinoSecret. Trinity is an early release only available at very few online casinos including CasinoSecret!

Moon princess Trinity pre-release from Play’n Go with the Cashback function enabled!

The game isn’t much different from Moon princess, but there are two major changes: firstly, the win multiplier has changed. Whereas in Moon princess the multiplier is increased when three or more symbols disappear in a row, in Moon princess Trinity the multiplier is increased when symbols disappear in the designated positions on the screen.
The second is when all symbols disappear.
Whereas in Moon princess you win free spins when all symbols disappeared in the regular game, in Moon princess Trinity the pay out is now 50x your winnings.

Game description:

Instead of creating something monstrously brand new for Moon Princess Trinity, the features from previous incarnations have been rejigged and shuffled around, so they sort of do the same thing but a little bit differently. Here’s how it works. When winning combinations are formed, they are removed, and existing symbols on the grid drop down to fill the gaps – new symbols do not appear from above as they usually do with a cascade mechanic. However, winning combos leave a wild symbol behind. Wilds replace any pay symbol, and winning wild lines pay up to 5 times the bet for a five-of-a-kind.

Win Multiplier

In addition, you’ll see faint blue lines framing random positions on the board. Winning on a highlighted zone increases the win multiplier by +1. The win multiplier resets between paid spins.

Girl Power

Moon Princess Trinity’s three ladies aren’t just included for show. Each one possesses a reel modifying power. On non-winning spins, there is a chance the visible lady triggers one of these powers:

  • Love – converts a set of symbols.
  • Star – adds 1 or 2 wild symbols to the board.
  • Storm – removes two sets of symbols.


To the side of the reels sits a golden meter with three segments. Landing a 3, 4, or 5-of-a-kind princess symbol win fills 1, 2, or 3 segments, respectively. Filling the meter completely triggers a Trinity game round. Trinity is one free game round where Love, Star, and Storm each perform their modifier. If the grid is cleared during Trinity, the feature is triggered again, and the win multiplier is not reset.

Clear Grid

Lastly, clearing the game grid on a regular non-Trinity spin awards 50 times the bet. FYI, if wild symbols are the only symbols in view on the grid, they will be removed.

And already released “Moon Princess 100” with Cashback enabled

Like the original and its offshoots, Moon Princess 100 has a set process for unlocking its finer moments. The game is much the same as the previous Moon princess, but with a new multiplier.
The win multiplier has been increased, now being able to reach x100 compared to the x20 of the original, making it easier than ever to win big. The win multiplier during the bonus game does not reset and has the potential for a maximum win multiplier of 15,000 times.

Game description:

Like the original and its offshoots, Moon Princess 100 has a set process for unlocking its finer moments. It starts with regular symbol wins, which are achieved when three matching symbols land in a horizontal or vertical line, starting in any position. Winning symbols are removed from the grid when they hit, allowing the remaining symbols to drop down into the gaps. A wild symbol is then created in the middle of a destroyed winning combination. After each cascade, the win multiplier increases by +1, now being able to reach x100 compared to the x20 of the original.

Girl Power

On any non-winning spin, a Girl Power feature may randomly trigger. Depending on which princess is displayed next to the grid, it will be:

  • Love – changes one set of symbols in view into another symbol type.
  • Star – 1 or 2 additional wilds are added to the grid.
  • Storm – two sets of symbols are removed from the board.

Princess Trinity

Next to the grid, you’ll also find a power meter. Landing winning combinations made up of 3, 4, or 5 princess symbols fills in 1, 2, or 3 sections of the meter. When 3 sections are filled, players win 1 free spin known as the Princess Trinity. For this spin, the win multiplier is reset, and each princess uses their modifier on non-winning spins until all three have been spent. If the grid is cleared during this feature, free spins are awarded.

Free Spins

When activated, players are able to choose 3 free spins options – Love, Star, or Storm, which comes with 4, 5, or 8 free spins, respectively. On every non-winning spin, the chosen princess performs her feature ability. Also, in the bonus game, whenever the Power Meter is filled, it awards 4, 3, or 2 extra spins when playing the Love, Star, or Storm feature. This time players are able to win up to 100 free spins instead of the usual 20.

February 16, 2023